This is one of my most favorite of my insect sculptures. This one happens to be a wearable sculpture as well. Worn on a sturdy garment, this is sure to get attention and stop traffic. Think of all the social distancing that will happen when people see this perched on your shoulder!

  The original piece was made by the process of repousee and fabrication techniques. This was one of the most time consuming pieces in my insect line. The legs and mandibles are articulated as well as the head sections as shown in the video. I can this in all bronze and the silver parts have been silver plated.  I don't know what possessed me to cut out the letters to spell out my last name Boscarino, but it is a great odd addition (I think).

  These are limited edition pieces and there are other combinations that I'll post in the future as I make them. They are also available as necklaces, inquire about other ways I make them.

The Hieronymus Beetle Brooch