This piece was made on the potters wheel and then carved. It features my famous Roman Turquois formula and it is glazed inside so it can be used as a bud vase or utensils.

   Here's the story of the image. A few years ago I was plein air painting in Joshua Tree CA, I was staying at a motel right in the center of the village. One night I woke up from a terrifying nightmare where a demon woman had come to me and was looking directly at me as if she was seeking to see into my soul.  Her face was hideous but she was not trying to menace me but trying to communicate and assist her. I was terrified and it left a huge impression on me for the rest of the day. I did a sketch of her face later that morning from my memory. This is very close to the image that appeared to me in the night.

  She stands 6.75" / 14.5cm tall 

The incubus FacePot