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This class will focus on creating a functional concrete form with the intention of mosaic or other element embellishment. The forms can be either a sculpture or planter. The average size will be 20-24" and can vary greatly in width. Each participant will be given a wire form on which to begin. Days 1 & 2 Friday and Saturday June 9&10 we will focus on the basic piece using a special concrete mixture over a wire mesh form. By the end of day 2 we will discuss the process of mosaic but there will be an optional day 3 which we will focus entirely on the actual embellisment process. If you feel you'd like to embellish the form on your own the class will end at the end of day 2.  Sign up for the third day (June 11) separately. Please note the third day is only for the participants of this concrete class. 

Concrete Forms for Tile Mosaic June 9&10

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