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When I was a youth, I had a passionate interest in being an Entomologist (study of Insects). Fortunately my right brain took over and I pursued my passion for art. I'm happy I took that route and happily I'm still incorportating my love of insects into my art. This Insect FacePot was made on the potter's wheel and then carved. The gorgeous luster glazes are my signatures. These glazes (at least 4) were applied with an air-brush which gives them the luminescence. The antennae I forged from bronze rod and epoxied into the depressions. This is one of a pair of insect FacePots and totally one of a kind! Stands 6"/15cm in height to the top most part of the antennae. Oh and it's glazed inside so it will hold water so it can be used as a vase.

Insect FacePot 2

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